Friday, December 09, 2005

Back to Vegas

Derek and I arrived in Vegas around 10:30pm local time. F Train happened to be on our same JetBlue flight from JFK. I got stuck in the last row near the bathroom. At least I got to hang out with the flight attendant who knows who I am. My last 4 flights to/from vegas, she's been working that flight. She knows what I want to drink by now and gives me extra cookies.

I watched The OC and saw Trey on Jay Leno.

Grubby and Iggy picked us up at the airport. We dropped out stuf off at the Imperial Palace. I tipped the front desk girl $100 to upgrade us to a better room since the IP is seriously ghetto for a Strip casino. We have a balcony on the 14th floor overlooking the Strip. Tipping gets you a long way in Vegas.

I met up with everyone at the Excalibr and Otis was the first to greet me with a warm hug. I met Joanne for the first time. I played poker with Otis' brother and Derek there until 5am before we headed back to the IP, where I found HDouble, Ephro and BG playing blackjack. I crashed around 6am and didn't sleep very well.

Just got up and waiting for Daddy and Jaxia to arrive.

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