Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bonnaroo Update

So far we've seen a ton of music so far and none of us have been arrested. On Thursday we saw I-Nine, the Wood Brothers, The Motet (which The Joker describes as Galactic Lite), and the Electric Eel Shock.

Yesterday was the first full day of action. We started out with Ben Folds who played a song that he wrote in Waffle House. Next up was Mike Gordon (from Phish) with a country band called Ramble Dove. They covered Johnny Cash's Jackson. We headed to the main stage for the supergroup Oysterhead which is Trey Anastasio (Phish) on guitar, Stewart Copeland (The Police) on drums, and Les Claypool (Primus) on bass. Les described their performance as "audio sodomy." Next up was Tom Petty was surprised me. He played better than I expected and I knew more of his set that I thought I would. He brought Stevie Nicks out to perform three or four songs. His set was 90 minutes then a 25 minute encore.

The highlight of Bonnaroo has been the midnight show from My Morning Jacket. It was my first MMJ show and they surpassed expectations. Andrew Bird sat in for two songs. They also covered a Velvet Underground tune.

We caught some of Common and the Disco Biscuits to end the night.

Saturday is the big day... Beck, Radiohead, then the Super Jam.

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