Monday, July 31, 2006

More Pictures and Living in a Bubble

Fans of the Tao of Poker

Take a peek at pics of the WSOP over at the Tao of Poker.

When I'm on assignment woring a poker tournament in a casino, I'm shut out from the outside world. Most casinos don't have clocks and never have TVs on. If they do it's strictly sporting events. Usually I'm woking four or five day tournaments and I'm unplugged from the real world for less than a week.

When I move to Las Vegas to cover the WSOP, I'm gone for two months and lose all semblance of reality. International news and current events get pushed aside. I lose touch with friends. I stop answering email. I don't respond to phone calls. I neglect this blog. I space out and forget to pay bills. I forget birthdays and other imporatnt dates.

I've been in Las Vegas for well over five weeks with only a few days outside of the state of Nevada. Most of my time is sitting in the Rio Casino for anywhere from 12 to 20 hours. I'm used to not sleeping as an insomniac. When I'm staying up for work reasons, my entire body gets thrown out of whack everything up. Living in Las Vegas last summer fucked me up hardcore and I didn't realize the grueling and cumulative effects until several months afterwards. That's why I did my best to pace myself and avoid all things poker for a few weeks prior to moving back to Las Vegas for the 2006 WSOP.

Anyway, I've been writing a ton of stuff for different outlets take a peek at:
Wil Wheaton Interview (PokerStars Blog)
Late Night Team PokerStars Update (PokerStars Blog)
Zen Patience and Barry Greenstein (PokerStars Blog)
Serious Business (Fox Sports)
Top 10 Personalities (Fox Sports)
Louie Anderson Drops the F-Bomb (PokerStars Blog)
The work is tough, but I'm fortunate to be on a very cool team of bloggers that includes Otis, CC, CJ, Wil, and a few Brits like Howard and Mad, and Ali from Australia. Take a peek at our bio page at PokerStars Blog.

1:00am... My eyes hurt and action is very slow. We keep teasing Snoopy from Blonde Poker to go buy us various items like a bottle of Skyy vodka, choclate shakes from In & Out, or nachos with cheese from the Kicthen Tent.

1:20am... Lacey Jones is down to $3.5K. William Thorsson is the first player over $100K.

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