Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Calm Before the Storm

I was supposed to go beer bowling at 2pm. Except that I was up until 7am writing and didn't fall asleep until 8am and Nicky was fast asleep at 2pm. I felt like crapola and I skipped it. I found enough energy to run errands instead. I went to the bank and bought cold medicine from the drug store up the road. When I got back, Nicky was still sleeping. I wrote for a few hours and worked on the 2007 WSOP final table bios.

When Nicky finally woke up, I was super straving. We decided to drive down to the Strip and eat at Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay. They are usually crowded but since it was 5pm on a Monday, it was the perfect Bime to go just before the dinner rush. I ordered a Kobe beef burger on ciabatta bread with bleu cheese and bacon. Yummy. Great meal, except that I felt like shit the second half of dinner.

Nicky wanted to gamble so we drove over to Treasure Ilsand to meet Benjo, a friend of mine who's a French journalist in town covering the WSOP for various outlets. We decided to play a tournament. I didn't do so well (none of us did). Last time I played poker, I cashed in the WSOP and won $4,740. Anyway, after the tournament we played Pai Gow and I won a few bucks back.

We had a drink or three and hammered out some plans at the end of the summer. I'm going to visit Benjo's hometown of Lille in France for a two-day festival in the beginning of September. That will be after I spend a almost three weeks in Amsterdam and just before I go to London for a twelve day work assignment.

When I got home, I wrote a little more and watched the last two episodes of Entourage. The moment when Johnny Drama wigs out after smoking the high end medicinal marijuana was priceles.

I've been in Las Vegas for about forty days too long. I can believe I actually crave Hollyweird after viewing two episodes of Entourage.

One more day of work to go. I keep reminind myself that. Then I get 50 days off in a row.

In case you were interested in who wins the 2007 WSOP, stop by PokerNews.com for live updates starting at Noon Las Vegas time. I'll be providing the color commentary. SHould be fun....

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