Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dispatches from the WSOP Main Event

Some of the following was originally posted on Tao of Poker...

One herb friendly member of the media told me a funny story about how he went outside on a break and there was a WSOP player smoking a joint. He took a few hits and they started talking about The Grateful Dead. The next thing he knew, the guy handed him a second joint. Yeah, I was jealous. Hitting doobies behind the Poker Sauna. Only in Las Vegas.

I heard from one of our guys that Tobey "Spiderman" Maguire playedon Day 1a and snuck into the ladies room to piss on one of the breaks since the line to the men's room was too long.

I bumped into Michalski outside by the Poker Sauna. He told me that Hemingway said, "You can never write enough about the weather." My next post on Poker News was about the weather. By the way, it was so hot outside that when I went to Change100's car for a smoke break, I took a leak and by the time my piss hit the pavement, it evaporated. Talk about one hot fucking day.

I ran into the Geek and he helped me out later in the night with some hands. Grubby magically appeared and told me about the slot machine he was going to be on. The Poker Grub is officially big time. I never saw my brother but he hung out with Michalski at the Hooker Bar for a bit. I wish I wasn't so busy. I'd have more time to hang out with friends.

By 3:30am, the hookers started trickling into the Amazon Room. I forgot it was a Friday in Las Vegas.

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