Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday, Already?

I forgot to pay my school loan last month. It was a few days late. My payment for July is due in two days. What are the odds that I miss this one?

I had a deadline this morning. I thought it was tomorrow. Oooooops. Glad that I worked on it during one of my breaks yesterday. Almost forgot to hand in that article.

I played $10 Pai Gow with Otis and Nicky last night at Gold Coast after my shift ended. I was up for most of the session untl I lost $200 on consecutive hands. Talk about bad beats.

I won $20 from Otis in throwing things prop bets. We were doing lime tosses down a flight of stairs into a small garbage can. I hit the can which got me $20.

I have been living off of Mint Milano's and Perrier at the apartment in the Del Bocca Vista. That's the only food stuff was have there. Our fridge is a bit gaunt.

I totally forgot about the MLB All Star game. And plenty of other life's mysteries while I'm stuck in a casino for 18 hours a day.

I did see the latest Die Hard movie last week. Not as many funny one liners, but I guess it was OK. Held my attention for a bit. Nicky told me the story behind the story... how it was originally pitched as a seprate flick and the suits in Hollyweird decided to attached the John McClane character and make it the fourth Die Hard flick.

I've been operating without having my cell phone's ringer on. Makes my life much easier and I can concentarte on the tasks at hand instead of being a slave to my phone. I've also cut down email reading to less than 30 minutes a day. I want to keep these methods up after the WSOP ends.

I keep wondering about my next assignment. I know that I'm supposed to go to London for two weeks. But I have no idea if Barcelona is attached or if I'm going to Oz or Asia sometime in the next few months. I'm waiting to find out so I can schedule some time off in Amsterdam. I keep thinking about renting an apartment there for a few months, but I can't commit to anything until I get my schedule.

Derek wrote a hilarious post called I'm a Bootlegger.

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