Monday, February 03, 2014


By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

A man consumed with demons.

He lost a battle he could never win.

I didn't want to believe the news. Initially, I dismissed it. Any time I hear about a celebrity death on Twitter, I assume it's a hoax until I get my three legit sources. But the source was the Wall Street Journal. Not exactly TMZ or a site looking to juke their numbers. At that point, the notion of a hoax fades away and the reality of the situation sunk in.

I'm fond of Almost Famous for so many reasons, but Philip Seymour Hoffman's portrayal of rock critic Lester Bangs was something that struck me as a budding writer. This scene is something that I always remembered when I started out as a poker writer. It was weird... when I first got into the biz, I saw myself as the naive, eager youngester looking to make his mark. Seven years later, I was the jaded vet trying to discourage youngesters for getting into a shady racket.

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