Thursday, September 29, 2005

I Like TiVo

Derek has TiVo and it's a nifty new gadget. He's been recording all of the World Series of Poker episodes and I finally caught up on watching all of them. I missed a bunch when I was on the road for work. You can see me in the background of a few episodes and I was all over the most recent Johnny Chan one.

I also finally caught up on The O.C. from the past two weeks. I watched them back to back so talk about a two hour distraction. It was worth it. Summer is getting smaller and smaller. That girl needs to eat. I think she's on the Mischa Barton meal plan.

I also got to see the first few episodes of the current season of Entourage. When theis season began I was in Las Vegas. I got HBO at the Redneck Rivieria but I never knew what time Entourage was on. I caught the Pauly Shore/Ralph Macchio/Playboy Mansion episode, but never saw the rest. I finally watched the first few yesterday and damn, talk about a funny fuckin' show. Turtle is the complete id. He's all about getting high, eating, and getting laid while trying to do the least amount of work as possible. Without a doubt Johnny Drama is my favorite character. L.A. is filled with thousands of Johnny Dramas.

Speaking of which...

I've been working a few hours a day on a new project. For now it's in the conceptual stage, but I'm hoping it moves into the next phase. That's all I have to say about that.

This week I rushed the latest issue of Truckin' and I've been trying to find a few hours every day to work on my Las Vegas book. Finding huge chunks of time is hard these days.

Been working on several freelance articles this week. I cranked out three and will start working on a fourth on Friday.

No complaints come from me when I'm writing. The only thing I have to bitch about has been Blogger... which has been fucked up all week.

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