Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Busy Bee

I told Otis that when I'm at the WSOP or in Las Vegas, I seem to neglect the Tao of Pauly because the Tao of Poker takes control of the majority of my time and energy.

He agreed.

I stayed up late to write an article for Fox Sports. It's up now. Take a peek at Chip Reese Wins $50,000 HORSE.

Several of my friends are covering the WSOP for other outlets. Jen Leo and Amy is here along with April and Change100. Friedman, Spaceman, Michalski, and Otis have all been in the industry so this is a chance to see them on a daily basis. And since Wil has been writing kick ass poker content for the PokerStars Blog, I get to spend time with him too.

With several kind souls around, it's hard for me to fully freak out. Last summer I felt disconnected and lonely. Depression set in about the third week and my soul had been sucked out of me by week 4. This year I'm trying to get more sleep and I'm pacing myself. The real work begins one week from Friday when the largest poker tournament in the world kicks off.

I have one deadline due tomorrow and I'm 98% there. In a few moments, I'm going to the Hooker Bar with Otis to get sloshed.

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