Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Playing at the World Series of Poker and Pieces of Pauly

Photo courtesy of Amy Calistri

I sent my mother a copy of the pic of me during the tournament on Monday. She wrote me back, "How come you were wearing so much clothes? Isn't it hot there?"

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Grubby is leaving Las Vegas today to move to Chicago for his new job. That makes me a little sad. We went out to dinner at Ellis Island for his Last Supper.

Back by popular demand...

What did I eat in the last 48 hours? Sunday breakfast with Grubby was chocolate chip pancakes and a side of bacon with iced tea at the Grand Cafe at Green Valley Ranch. Dinner was a chicken club sandwich with bacon and swiss cheese (featuring cayenne pepper ranch dressing), fries, and a couple of beers at Tilted Kilt with Wil and Change100. Breakfast was a croissant from the media room at the WSOP. Lunch on Monday was a bacon, egg, and cheese Texas Toaster with tater tots and an iced tea. Dinner was a chicken parmesan sandwich at Ellis Island.

Good thing I'm on a diet too. I could have eaten much much more. I skipped hash browns on Sunday morning and dessert on Monday night.

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