Monday, October 16, 2006

Cold Jog

Jogging three miles in 50 degree weather is good. Coming home to find out that the building shut off hot water is bad. I missed the cut off time by ten minutes. In the past when they say they are shutting off water at 8:30am, they really mean 9am. I guess I was wrong this time.

I originally intended on running during lunch time but I discovered that UPS is going to be trying to redeliver a package for me today that requires my signature. Of course, they'll probably not come until 6pm and I'll be waiting here all day. At least the hot water comes back on in a few hours. With my luck, they'll deliver the package when I'm in the shower.

The weather was actually warm this morning. Over the past few days, the temperatures dipped to the low 40s when I start my morning workout. The other day it was 42 degrees and I ran a decent time mainly because I was freezing so I pushed myself a little harder. It's probably about 5 degrees colder than I'd like it, but since I don't have too many days left before I hit the road, I have to suck it up and work out.

I skipped a run on Saturday morning because my knee bothered me and I used the break to catch up on Truckin'. That ended up being a wise decision because on Sunday my legs felt fresh and I came close to running 5 miles. I had not run that much since high school when I was on the track team.

Because I slept an extra half hour on Saturday and skipped a morning workout, I found myself with a little extra energy which I used to crank out a ton of work. I did work on five different blogs, published the new issue of Truckin', and worked on a hellacious assignment that I figured would take about ten hours of grunt work to do the research and write the thing. I got more than half of that done on Saturday and by the time I went to a birthday dinner for my brother, I had a sense of accomplishment for cranking out almost a week of work in one day.

I have a few more days before I hit the road. All of the writing for the second draft of Jack Tripper is done. Right now, all I'm doing is reading and editing and re-reading and re-editing. It's time consuming and not as fun as writing, but it needs to get done. I have two freelance assignments (one has a deadline in less than 24 hours) to write over the next two days which will keep me busy. In the meantime, I have to get prepped to hit the road which includes trips to the bank and a batch of laundry.

Last night, Derek and I played in a tournament and we both made the final table. I came from behind and took 3rd place while Derek finished up 5th.

I've been listening to Beck's Information, The Beatles Abbey Road, The Black Keys Magic Potion, and My Morning Jacket's Okonokos straight through while I wrote this past weekend.

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