Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stuck in LA

I'm in LA through Saturday. I have deadline(s) and can't leave until I finish. Uggggh.

I've been dealing with some petty stuff which is time consuming and I've already wasted two full days on that bullshit. Don't you hate when that happens and adults act like 5th graders? As is, the little side drama put me behind schedule. I should have just ignored it.

I saw the James Bond flick and saw Rachel Bilson within a 24 hour period at The Grove. Will write more deatils later about both. I have a column to write, a Vegas trip report to pen, videos to edit, and a new issue of Truckin' to publish. I have been up for almost 30 hours and won't sleep until I get all of that work done.

A foul mood has been lingering for a full day and it won't go away.

* * * * * Update * * * * *

12:34pm... Showcase called to say he saw Rachel Bilson on Olympic Blvd. and snapped a photo with his cell phone. Two sightings in a three day period. Yikes.

1:26pm... Finished first drfat of a column due on Friday. Will let it settle for a few hours while I work on a Vegas trip report.

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