Sunday, July 04, 2004

Bubble Boy: Missing the Money
"He who observes times and seasons to regulate his conduct is not a man of wisdom." - Chuang Tzu
A couple of bloggers played in the $5 NL Multi on Party Poker yesterday morning. Boy Genius challenged me in the 10:30 am multi for our weekly wager. Whoever did better won the $5 bet. Pretty simple. And guess who won? Yep, I outlasted Mr. Genius and won $5 (which I promptly attempted to parlay into a thoroughbred tip). Rounding out the list of bloggers were: My brother Derek, Chris Halverson, and Al Can't Hang.

On Wednesday, I made the money in my first $5 NL multi on Party Poker, coming in 47th place (out of 769). On Friday, I woke up late and rushed a few errands to make the Friday multi with Al Can't Hang. He didn't last the first level when his AA were cracked. Me... I busted out 115th (out of 969) and missed the money by 15 spots when my 99 ran into the Hilton Sisters from the chip leader on the button. Yeah... I have been grinding my way in these multis this week and yesterday was no different... I came in 115th place out of 1082 players, missing the money by 5 spots... More

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