Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Tonight Show, Last Night, and Other Random Thoughts

French chicks eating cereal is very sexy

I never watch Jay Leno. The only quality late night talk show is Conan. I'll watch him without any guests. With Leno and Letterman, they have to have a good reason for me to tune in... and last night... there were two good reasons for me to tune in. The Dead were the musical guest and performed Touch of Grey. Man, now I'm getting excited for a few Dead shows in the next upcoming weeks. Anyway, I did not know about the other guests... but the sole reason I watched Leno was to catch a glimpse of The Dead. I had no clue that my favorite French actress... Julie Delpy... was going to be interviewed. Man, I fuckin' would slice off parts of my ear, left pinky, and even three of my toes just to get the opportunity to suck on the tips of her finished cigarettes. When I think of sexy, sultry, salacious, and down right dirty chicks... my mind wanders to rainy Parisian afternoons where I am seduced by a mysterious, existentialist, chain-smoking actress brooding about the lack of originality in the world of cinema. So Ms. Delpy, if you don't believe in God, give me ten minutes and I'll make sure you'll be screaming his name by minute six.

Alright, so this morning after writing for two hours, I went to the corner bodega to buy the morning newspaper rags. There was a kid, barely fourteen, standing out front. He asked me to buy him cigarettes. I told him no way. Actually, I said that I would do it for $5. He said he could give me $1. And that's when I told him, "No way." If I was going to be part of the corruption of America's youth... I wanted my fair cut.

It's supposed to be 90 degrees later today. Weird things happen when it gets that hot in NYC. People go a little stir crazy under extreme temperatures. One of the worst things to experience in this world... is getting stuck on the subway in rush hour... with no air conditioning.

Yesterday, I finally finished writing the third short story for this month's issue of Truckin'. I hope to have it up by Monday morning for sure.

I celebrated the completion of the new issue by playing poker for three hours... and I struggled to break even. I seem to have a running problem when I play cards. I lose a very close hand right away and I'm down. The first half of the session, I'm playing with a smaller bankroll after the initial loss. It took me two and half hours to break even. It was a brutal day and I decided that breaking even was just as good as a winning day, so I stopped playing. Some days, some weeks... I'm barely keeping my head above water. And I thought I was a good player.

I have to go read a jillion newspapers and magazines now to catch up on international news and domestic politics. I plan on writing a new entry for my poli-blog later this afternoon (will be posted later tonight). And yes, I'm going to play poker too, while trying to attempt to stay cool.

Later tonight, I will be closely following three WNBA games. Yes, I got involved in betting on woman's basketball with Boy Genius for our weekly prop bet. He picked: DETROIT over Connecticut, PHOENIX over San Antonio, and WASHINGTON over LA. So that means you have to root for Connecticut, San Antonio, and then LA tonight.

The banality of everyday life becomes edible when you recklessly attempt to gamble on the outcome of otherwise meaningless events. You can quote me on that one.

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