Monday, July 19, 2004

Dumped on 33rd Street

I had a weird day. I woke up tired after a restless sleep. I wanted to go have a diner burger with Jessica in Midtown but the diner by her office was packed... with at least a twenty minute wait. We walked uptown a few blocks to a Wendy's. I got the #6 with an iced tea.

I won $20 playing poker in about three hours. I wrote a little bit and scolded myself for slacking off on the third story I'm supposed to write for Truckin'. The coolest thing about being editor of the same magazine I write for is knowing that the piece will get done. Tomorrow, I'll write it. For now, I'm taking it easy and pacing myself.

I was wandering through a small pedestrian mini park (a bunch of cafe tables and benches surrounding a statue is a park in some parts of NYC) and I caught this young girl wearing an aqua tank top. Something was wrong. She was crying with her head down. Actually, she was sobbing. It looked like she'd been crying for some time. There was a guy sitting right next to her. He had his head buried near her neck. From my quick analysis, I guess that he met his girlfriend for lunch... then dumped her.... in a public place, to avoid any unwanted freak outs from a jilted, unstable ex. Stuck in the middle of tourists and office workers eating fast food and sipping bottled water, this young girl had her heart broken. I wonder what really happened. I was going to pause and watch them for a few seconds, but I kept walking. I had somewhere to be.

Got back home turned on IFC. Watched Dinner for Five with two of the dudes from Dazed and Confused were on with Vince Vaughn and Brian Cox (The Ring, Adaptation). Some of those stories are hialrious.

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