Monday, July 19, 2004

Impending Terrorist Attack?

Yesterday, I wrote my latest politically flavored entry, which I posted to This Side of the Truth. Check it out. Here's the entire entry:

Will there or won't there? Director of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, warned every American about the impending doom of the next terrorist attack in an uncomfortable press conference two weeks ago. Were his assertions legitimate? Or was he trying to cover the collective asses of the current administration and all the intelligence agencies? All the experts agree that Al-Qaeda will attack within the United States again. It's a matter of time. But when and where?

Will Al-Qaeda, or AQ 2.0 (as terrorism expert Jonathan Schanzer dubbed the second generation of Al-Qaeda affiliates willing to join the fight against America) attempt to disrupt the national elections in November? Madrid on 3.11 was a morbid example of their focus to use remote bombs on commuter trains in a timely attempt to bully the European allies before an election. The people of Spain voted out their pro-American leaders and ushered in new ones, those of whom were less likely to rush to the front of the line to assist America in any future altercations with the Arab world. The citizens of Spain elected to be blackmailed. The leaders of the Philippines were blackmailed by terrorists this week. Al-Qaeda knows that our leaders will not give into their demands. And they also know how to sway public opinion. They won by fear, force, and by 9.11... the hearts and minds necessary to continue to thrive in the Arab world, recruit new members, and raise more funds.

Al-Qaeda's mode of thinking is that, perhaps, more American casualties on our own soil will convince our voters to get rid of George Bush. That is way off base. Too bad they don't understand how politics really work in America. The average Joe American doesn't get our President elected. Big Business, with the help of millions of dollars in donations, are the entities who buy elections. They do it all the time. Recent numbers indicate that 50% of Kerry's fundraising and over 75% of Bush's fundraising were contributed by corporations and other privately owned businesses (and some actually gave money to both candidates). If the terrorists can get to the heart of the American business and cripple Wall Street and all the fortune 500 Companies, then they have a better chance of affecting the election, since there will be no money left around to buy votes.

Futhermore, if there is a terrorist attack before the election, the swing voters are more likely to back Bush, who appears to have a more fierce attitude than Kerry (otherwise known as The Texas Way) when dealing with terrorists.

My stance has always been this: There are people who will attack us no matter who our President and leaders are. The first attack on the World Trade Center happened on Bill Clinton's watch.

There's a lot of debate on a pre-election strike. If there is a new attack, I expect the terrorists to hit soft targets such as malls, subway lines, nuclear power facilities, and the like instead of higher profile, more secured targets like the NYSE exchange on Wall Street and the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in Boston and New York. To me there's no difference in getting kicked in both balls or just one. It still hurts.

Again, will something go down? We've got our eyes open, but can only watch so much. There's plenty of security risks all over our country, which eventually, will be or already has been exploited. I hope that those gaps in our homeland security are plugged sooner than later. Until those problems are corrected, I am afraid that there is always a very likely chance of something happening between now and the end of the year.

Prediction by Signor Ferrar

Also in a new post on This Side of the Truth, Signor Ferrari, a regular contributor to Rick's Cafe Americain, shared his opinion on world affairs, specifically the possibility of the next big strike by Al-Qaeda inside the United States, in a post titled Prediction. Here's what he had to say:
PREDICTION: There will NOT be a terrorist attack before the presidential elections.

One of two states currently exists. Either the terrorists are currently, and will be until election day, incapable of attempting a major terrorist attack, or they are (or will be) capable of attempting one. If we are in the first situation, then obviously, there will be no attack. If we are in the second situation, I nevertheless predict that we will not see an attack prior to election day. Why? Well, let me tell you...More
Check out the rest of his opinion and my new post.

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