Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Random 7:30 AM Thoughts...

I watched ESPN's coverage of the World Series of Poker last night. For the next month they are airing episodes of the other World Series events (the main one... the big one, the $10,000 buy in doesn't air until the middle of August). Next year, I am positive that I will play in at least the $1,000 No Limit buy in event (and maybe even the $2,000 NL). I came in fourth in a satellite last April (and My brother came in 3rd in his satellite) and I came in 2nd place in a satellite in May of 2003. The winners of the satellites would have netted $1000 each. A set up a goal and I hope to follow through on that.

I have been writing a lot the past two days. I got a few new projects that I'm working on, and they have been holding my attention. I had an up and down holiday weekend at the tables on Party Poker. Sometimes the swings are immense. I grinded out a $1 win rate on Monday... and then last night, in one session... I had a win rate of $2 a minute! Yeah that's right... I won $2 for every minute I was logged on. One of those days.

I have a dinner party to attend this weekend. I normally hate NYC dinner parties for the sole reason most of the people who attend those functions usually make me wanna puke. But it's rare when a beautiful woman asks me out to dinner... so of course, I'll subject myself to the misery of horrible hipster-laden and faux-intellectual converation with pretenious dinner guests... for the outside chance I'll get to see her naked.

Blogger sucks by the way. It's been taking up to six hours before they publish my posts.

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