Thursday, July 01, 2004

Happy Birthday, Skippy!

Skippy and Dr. Pauly in front of The Cedar Tavern in NYC

The Daily Dave author, and everyone's favorite Tampa blogger, Dave Skippy Simanoff is having a birthday today. Yes, today is offically Skippy Day at the Tao of Pauly.

Top 5 Cool Things About Living with Skippy My Fresman Year in College...
1. He had a car to drive drunk Pauly to Waffle House at 4:30 AM.
2. He had a coffee maker and a toaster oven to make grilled cheese sandwiches (declared illegal in our dorm.)
3. He let me call our room Pauly's Tavern (and added Mad Dawg's Grill) and serve hot freshman chicks from Smith Hall mixed drinks.
4. He was the editor of the Hopkins Hall newsletter which meant I got ink in every issue regarding my on the field excellence in dorm intramurals. (Like the time a svelt and speedy Pauly torched Senor for a TD -- I have a few inches on the guy in height and snagged the pigskin out of his leaping graps, eluding a tackle and waltzing into the endzone in flag football.. my dorm beat his dorm and we went to the playoffs.)
5. It was a great way to meet chicks!

Happy Birthday, Skippy!

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