Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Kerry + Edwards = 4 More Years of Bush

You heard it hear first... a few months back I predicted that Gorge W. Bush would win his reelection bid. Now, I feel even more confident than ever that Bush is going to win especially after John Kerry shot himself in the foot and picked John Edwards to be his running mate. It was a feable attempt to steal some votes away from NASCAR dads in the South and Middle America. I don't give a rat's ass what the "beltway insiders" say. They can lick my arse for all I care. I don't listen to all those yahoos on alphabet news networks (unless Jon Schanzer is a guest, then I watch), and when they bark about their vast knowledge of politics, it makes me laugh, kind of like when a person gets kicked in the balls by a small child.

Yeah, so why do I know more that the so called pundits, experts, and politic-scholars? Because I'm a gambler... and gamblers don't like to lose. I already have a few bets out there on Bush and I plan to throw more of my money behind my gut feeling. Bush will be here thru 2008.

Before I continue, I admit that I am not a Republican. I am not a member of the Bush Junta. I'm definitely not a Democrat and my personal political views pepper the spectrum. As a registered Independent, I am conservative in some issues, moderate in most of them, and way liberal in the others. I'm not a Coke or Pepsi kinda guy, and unfortunately in America, that's the only choice of two overrated soft drinks our country offers up every four years. I like other beverages and when I stood up and voted for Ralph Nader, I was greeted with a chorus of boo-birds from staunch Democrats, who to this day, still believe Nader cost Gore the election in 2000. And to those people who still think Nader cost Gore the election... I say: Wake the fuck up!

Gore couldn't even carry his home state of Tennessee in 2000. If he did... he'd be President. Gore couldn't even carry Arkansas, the home state of Bill and Hilary Clinton. Shit, how about all those Democrats who voted for Bush in Florida and other swing states? No one points fingers at them. Sure it's easy to pick on the hippies when you are in the middle of the road. But at least they went to bed knowing the picked the man they wanted to lead them... instead of a lot of Americans who will be voting Not for John Kerry instead they are voting against George W. Bush.

Those people piss me off. Yeah, they are the same folks that say every American should see Fahrenheit 9/11. I dunno how people can get bogged into one way of thinking. Michael Moore is one of the best film makers of our generation, but he didn't get all his facts straight and cut and spliced his movie to focus his viewers on his original intent... to bash George W. Bush. People who are going to see the film were most likely going to vote for Kerry before seeing the film. I dunno how he can change an already decided mind. If he was a true documentarian, he would have presented the facts... as is... and let everyone decide for themselves. That way, more Republicans and moderates would have viewed the film and been swayed to reanalyze the situation. Moore blew his shot at making an honest documentary. I started to loose faith in the guy because it seemed like he was in highschool all over again. He used to be a true artist... but now, he's a hack and I realized he'll never be more than the fat, dorky kid with the camera, pandering to the cool crowd (Hollyweird).

Did Bush lie about some parts of the Iraq war? Yeah. However, there are WMD because we (and yes, our parents' tax dollars paid for those weapons) gave them to Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war. We just don't know where they are... if he used them all up, hid them, or sold them. Bush should have told us that.

We all know that the Bush Junta gave big time jobs to their friends. Politicians lie. That's inherent. Giving fat jobs to their golf buddies is how they got elected in the first place. Democrats are naive to think that their guy won't mislead them on some issues. Bill Clinton never did that.

There are some Americans (and actors in Hollyweird at that) who blindly believe that the entire world will change if we boot Bush out of office... and that America will return to the good guy status we used to have. That's all a bunch of crap.

1. Euro trash have and will always hate Americans. That's what we get for saving their collective dicks in WWII. It's a jealously thing. Kinda like how nobody likes the rich kids in school, or how the average girls make fun of the pretty girls. Voting for John Kerry will not change our allies' identity crisis and insecurity issues.

2. Al Qaeda and other fundamentalist Islamic groups that thrive on terror as their main weapon of diplomacy won't stop and pull the plug on it's scheme to fuck up the New World Order just because the husband of the world's largest ketchup heiress is in the White House. If anything, they'll take this as a sign of weakness and step up the planning for another wide scale attack inside the US.

3. We are stuck in the middle of a civil war within the Arab world. This unfortunately, spilled over into my streets (and killed some friends of mine on 9.11) and will continue to do so. It's a war of the haves verses the have nots. Those in power versus those trying to upsurp their power using tweaked versions of religion as their key motivation and recuriting tool. A new President isn't going to change that horrible, but truthful fact.

John Kerry is the Waffle Man. He'll answer a question twenty different ways before you realized he never answered your question. I find it hard to vote for anyone who has more money that Hugh Hefner.

We live in a country where 50% of the eligible voters (half the population) actually vote. So that means that only 1 out of 4 Americans actually select our leaders. Last time I checked only 12.5% of Americans picked our current President, but to think, Al Gore would have had roughly the same backing.

The election is nothing more than a bad, twisted, and demented joke. And which guy is going to be the punchline on Election Day? Politics is Hollyweird for ugly people. I have no use for the election and to make it interesting (like so many other boring, dreadful things in life) I decided to gamble on the 2004 outcome. I need something to root for on that Tuesday.

In closing, I'm voting for none of the major candidates. Bush will win another close one. Bring on Hillary on 2008. Let's see if she can tackle a McCain-Jeb Bush ticket in 2008. I'm already booking bets on that election.

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