Friday, July 30, 2004

Who's Your Daddy?

Daddy from Snail Trax said some funny things on his blog today. here you go:
I got into poker almost a full year ago, and upon that, got deeply into everything poker online. PokerPages, Caro, 2+2,, blogs, etc. It was in reading Pauly’s blog, and actually feeling the vibe that he was sharing..., his passion for seeing live music, his aggressive and oh-so-appropriate, off-the-wall, slapstick, in your face writing style much akin to our favorite Gonzo journalist, and his love for slow-playing the nuts and them rubbing them in your eye, that I decided to toss some words down myself.

Besides, it was free, and I was bored.

I had the chance to hook up with Pauly at the last Deer Creek Phish show, and, albeit a brief encounter, it was perfect for the time. We exchanged cell #s over email, and had talked a couple of times leading up to the show. We had agreed to meet below Sign #6, I think. Who knows. ?? At any rate, I was looking for a scraggly, 3 week bender totin', scarlet red dinner coat sportin', hippy-cityboy-rambler-with-a-reason-to-live-and-if-you-don't-feel-it-you-can-gobble-my-nutsack-Pimpslayer!! I found that Fucker, and we rejoiced the times over a nice fresh bowl of the Smurf, I think. Who knows. ?? It was setbreak, and I advised him to watch for an Antelope crossing.
Yeah, boy! Thanks for the kind words. See ya in Coventry!

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