Sunday, July 11, 2004

Kerry and Bush Were My Former Classmates

Same guy? Sons of wealthy rich men. Both educated at Yale. Both completely full of shit. Those dudes remind me of a few guys from college, specifically a few fraternity brothers of mine from Atlanta.

John Kerry was the guy in my fraternity who would call me up at 8:30 pm on a Saturday night and ask me my plans. When I'd tell him I'm going to a bar in the Highlands to drink at Atkins Park or Limerick Junction, he'd tell me to wait for him before I went out. I would, but of course, he was calling around to everyone else and when he found out something "cooler" to do, he'd ditch me (and a slew of other people he made psuedo-plans with), without a call back, and go out with a different group of friends.

George W. Bush was the guy in my fraternity that came over to drink at my table in a bar with three chicks. He'd order food and more cocktails and we'd all have a great, fun time. But before the bill came around, he'd stealthily skip out, ditch me with the fat chick and a $300 bar tab. No wait... that was Bill Clinton!

George W. Bush was really the rich guy in my fraternity who would bring strange people to my room in our house to buy drugs, when he wasn't mooching ciggies, beers, bong hits, and extra slices of pizza. He's the guy who stole porn movies out of your vintage collection. At parties, while hanging out with a bunch of good looking sorority girls, he'd let rip a juicy fart, then blame it on you.

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