Monday, July 12, 2004

A Letter to the Editor

Ingrid from Me and Ophelia recently sent me this email regarding my post entitled: Kerry + Edwards = 4 More Years of Bush. Ingrid's comments were too long to post in my comments section, so she sent me this email instead. Enjoy. Here's a bit:
Hey Pauly,

I've just read your briliant political post and wrote a long comment - but it's too long to fit into the comment box, so I am emailing it to you instead.

Pauly I agree with Annie here: you ought to start a talk show - based on this brilliant post. I'm serious. You've got the peoples skills. Half of the US population don't vote and need to be encouraged to understand what is going on and vote. Our futures depend on it. You could get people thinking and talking about all sorts of issues - get them to vote, whether it be for Kerry or Bush - it's important that people vote (especially women - who had to fight to be allowed to vote).

If you have the will, you will find a way to get on air - PBS or cable - or even a radio talk show. Quick Pauly - go for it: phone around some personal managers and agents - get a promo pack put together - do a short promo tape (video or audio) and photos of yourself. You could be on the air in weeks to cover US politics and explain and disucss issues during the run up to the November election.

Your post is excellent. I read a lot of political blogs - it's rare to see someone cut to the chase so succinctly without coming across as aggressive, rude or downright unkind. You have a unique way with words and a personality that could reach a lot of people - especially women (they'll love you!). You could explain the complex world of politics in laymans terms - and get it across in an entertaining and unique way. You've got style and class are full of original ideas and stuff so whatever you do and which ever way you approach and present it, it's bound to get people listening, and thinking.

Issues and politics can be interesting if presented in ways that all of the people can understand. Many people are switching off and away from politics because (in my view) either it's all over the top of the heads or they feel that its a complete waste of time as they feel their voice makes no difference. It is not true. When the votes were counted on the Bush election in Florida - it's easy to see how a few thousand more (or less) could have made a huge difference. Politicians do listen - and its the job of the people they are surrounded by to listen to what people want: public opinion does count for a lot.
I love the idea. Late Nights with Dr. Pauly. I need a sidekick. I'll be looking into this idea for sure. Thanks for writing Ingrid!

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