Thursday, July 08, 2004

Oooops, I Did It Again...

I've been in the zone writing the past two days. How do I know this? I missed two specific things that I had to do. These specific tasks/events had set times. Yesterday, I got all my work done early in the morning so I could watch the Yankees game, which was a rare afternoon game at 1pm. Well of course, I continued working on a new project trhough lunch and the first time I actually checked the time... it was past 3pm and the Yankees were getting spanked 10-3. I got to witness the comeback when the Yankees made the game interesting after ARod hit a HR. The Yanks lost 10-8, though.

Then this morning, I was bogged down in writing a new short story for Truckin' and I completely forgot that I wanted to play in a multi-table tournament on Party Poker this morning at 10:30am. Guess what? I just looked up and realized that I missed another event due to writing.

Normally, I'd be a little irked. But alas, it was not a typical stoner move. I lost time writing. That's when you know you have passion in your life... when you lose time. Creativity does not adhere to a scrict time schedule.

I was flipping the channels and I stumble dupon Britney Spears on the Ellen DeGeneres show They were shooting basketballs into a hoop onstage. Wait, did I drop acid today? America's favorite lesbian talkshow host and America's most favorite masturbation fantasy star were trading off and shooting hoops! Britney had pretty good form. She even drove to the basket for a lay up. I did a serious doubletake.

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