Monday, July 05, 2004

Hilton Sisters Bounty Update and Other Lewd Tales

The winner is.... nobody. A few of you gave it a shot and even tried to win a free visit inside the Paris Hilton. I'll let you know when I'll do the next bounty.

I wish I can say my poker play was stellar. My mind and body are fresh... but some of my calls have been questionable for sure. It wasn't a good weekend. I won a single table tournament (SNG) and came in third in another, finishing in the money in both. The SNG wins barely covered my holiday weekend loses.

This morning I played a few hours at the NL tables while I watched my brother play in the early morning multitable tournament. And after almost three hours of play, I walked away with a whopping... $3. Three friggin' dollars. That's an hourly win rate of $1 for some of you without calculators handy. It was one of those days when I figured I'd do better panhandling for loose change than trying to make a decent buck at the tables.

Man... if I let testy New Yorkers urinate on me while curled up in the fetus position on the floor of unkempt subway car for three hours... I'd net at least $15. And some enclaves of this eccentric city, that's called art. In other places, it's called Happy Hour.

I feel a rush coming on. Very soon.

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