Sunday, July 11, 2004

Poker in the Weeds: Updated!

My brother finally added several new posts to his blog: Poker in the Weeds. Check them out. A semi-famous French poker player/blogger (he played in the World Series of Poker this year) marked my brother's site "interesting" out of all the rest of the blogs he listed. How about that? Like Woody Allen, my brother's poker blog is huge in France.

Anyway, my brother blogged his sad story about having his pocket aces (the best hand in poker) beaten by K-Q. It was in a tournament yesterday on Party Poker. I was playing as well and watched some idiot beat my brother, calling a hand he never should be playing. I even berated the guy in the chat saying things like, "Nice move, FISH!!" For you non-poker players, the term fish is a not-so-nice word for a new player. I was wicked pissed, and I wasn't even in that hand!

I think I came in 486th place out of 1194 players.

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