Thursday, January 23, 2003

Another Review: Jack Tripper Stole My Dog

Stephen A, a Seattle photographer writes:

"Dear Writer!!!

I have just read Jack Tripper Stole My Dog... I think this novel has it all: laughter, sick and twisted humor, the sadness of a father trying to make it right with his children and himself after many years, and yes, some of the viewpoints could be seen as offensive to the ladies, but, hey, look at your main character! It's not like he is all sunshine and rainbows... the development of your (main character) tells me that humans are complex, conflicted, and really just trying to make the best of life. And I felt that your main character told really well why people come to this country and New York City in the first place, for opportunity, a job that can be rewarding or not, and a life that is not ordinary. This novel, when I had finished it, gave me a sense of who your main character is, what he wants out of life, and that death and violence await people if they fuck things up too much. But seriously, I really got to know your main character, and it left me with a feeling of interest, laughter and an idea why people come to this country and to the city of New York. Thank you, McG for allowing me to read Jack Tripper Stole My Dog! I will be reading it again...

Peaches and Salukis,

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