Saturday, January 18, 2003

Sigge sent me this link: Last Messiah.

Sigge translated the first chapter of Last Messiah by Zapfe. He writes: "Copied and translated without permission, but true passion..."

Here's a bit: "En nat i længst forsvundne tider vaaknet mennesket og saa sig selv. Han saa at han var naken under kosmos, hjemløs i sit eget legeme. Alting opløste sig for hans prøvende tanke, under over under, rædsel over rædsel sprang ut i hans sind."

"One night in long forgotten times, man awakened and saw himself. He saw that he was naked under the cosmos, homeless in his own body. Everything desolved by his forced mind, under over under, fear upon fear erupted in his mind."

Thanks, Sigge!

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