Monday, January 06, 2003

Jessica wondered if this was me.... Re: COUNTDOWN UNTIL PHISH CRAP ENDS (You Suck)

Date: Tue Dec 31 11:01:53 2002

To all the anti-Phish hate-mongers out there...

1. First of all, what is a ticket posting board for anyway, if not for posting adds for tickets? Quit complaining about Phish postings on criagslist and go outside or read a book or take your dick out of your ass instead.

2. Phish and the Dead are 100% mutually exclusive of each other. Different abilities, different styles, different influences, different era. After 17 years of non-stop touring, Phish took a hiatus... You think they did that because of what the Dead did? (Verdict: You're WRONG and have a small penis.)

3. What's so wrong with people like a band a lot anyway? You probably like something a lot too, and whatever it is, it's fine with me. Until now. You suck and have a smallllll penis.

4. Generalizing is ignorant. Phish fans have lives other than Phish. I work for one of the largest investment banks in the world, I co-manage billions in assets globally, and don't have a trust fund, etc. *Also, I can kick your ass, just so that is clear. You, my friend, have a small, small penis.

5. I'm going to enjoy this Phish show tonight and you're going to have a miserable, self-incurred night of nausea and catatonic dispair you sorry, pathetic, mental shit-ling. You have nothing better to do than knock something that is so powerful and big that you just will never understand...obviously this isn't about a bunch of smelly hippies hanging out - ever wonder why so many people are so passionate about this band? Ever wonder why they've sold out more consecutive shows than any other band in the industry with little to no commerical advertising? Ever wonder? Probably not, I wouldn't expect someone of your "caliber" to wonder about anything that you don't personally endorse. Clearly my friend, you have a small penis.

Grow up.

Get the pump.

I did not write that...

1. I would never brag about working for one of the largest investment banks in the world... I am ashamed to be grouped together with those hooligans and crooks.

2. I don't use the word penis. I prefer: dick, cock, member, stiffy, power tool, "Julio", and most recently... Gumby.

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