Monday, January 20, 2003

Señor Update!

I just got another e-mail from Señor! He's in India, won money in a casino in Sri Lanka, and wanted to meet me in Nepal.

Subj: Re: Jack Tripper Stole My Dog: a review...
Date: Saturday, January 18, 2003 1:39:02 AM
From: Señor
To: McGrupp

Right on Bro... keep sending the good news!!! We all know that you have the talent, with a little bit of luck you'll be on your way... and I'll be riding your coattails!!!! LOL, don't forget about the little people!!!!!

By the way, I went to a casino in Colombo, Sri Lanka, (and) won $40!!!!! LOL, thats a lot of money over there!!!!!!!! Thanks for the war info on Nepal, I guess I'll be staying away from there unless you can get a job as a war reporter!!!!! Good luck!! Hope to see you soon!!!!!! By the way I'm back in India, tomorrow I hit the famous hippie beach resort state called Goa.... SEEYA!!!!!

Love you man!!!!!
Señor :)

PS Is the new Phish cd out?? Is it any good??? How about this band that Modeski is promoting... what's the skinny on them???? You are my connection to the world, lol... thanks....!

(I had got a few other e-mails in the last week, but due to the personal content, I decided not to share them with you.)

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