Monday, January 06, 2003

Phishy Hampton Afterthoughts... I got this e-mail from Zobo, who was at all three shows.

From: Zobo
To: McGrupp

Hey dude,

Still a little brain dead over here, but I had an excellent time in Hampton.
All three shows were great, but I think the first night was my overall
favorite. They seemed like they were able to maintain the energy the best
that night. Third night was amazing, but they played too many slow songs
and I thought theywere a little tired. Also, somebody needs to send a
message to Trey that there should never be any slow song encores.

Garage a Trois was pretty good, but very very mellow. Tough to see those
guys after seeing Phish. I was also in outer space during that show as that
was the first night I partied hardy for the run.

Great hanging with you in New York. We'll have to get together again very
very soon!


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