Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Re: My latest e-mail to Señor...

Edgar from Canada comments: "This was funny shit!! Why isn't Hugh Hefner your President? Why aren't you running for President?"

<< Joe Leiberman is running for President. His chances of winning in 2004, are slightly better than me walking into a party at Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion and going home with Miss June 2002. It'll be a nice effort on both our parts, but we'll both go home as losers. (Do you like my comparison to the most powerful job in the world, the office of the President to a surgically enhanced, anorexic blonde named Crystal, who likes horseback riding and Adam Sandler movies, and whose turn offs are mean people and rats?) >>

Editor's Comment: I do not meet the age requirements to run for President. I am however, considering a run for NY Senator in 2006. I can't let Hillary "It's cool that my husband porks chubby girls" Clinton run un-opposed!

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