Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Re: Where have you been the last few days?

Here's another exceprt from an e-mail from Sigge:

"I forgot myself. Sorry. How are you, really I mean? If you're half as
intelligent as I suspect you to be, you'd know that feeling sorry for
yourself... allthough it feels good, won't get you anywhere (but down).
I'm not telling you to get your act together (and I couldn't, since I don't
know the elements of this situation), but I'm telling you to realize that
that is exactly what you have to do... :)

I understand your life is under some major construction, so I can only wish
you the best! If you're going east, why not drop into Norway for a couple of

Now there's an idea... I'll consider Northern Norway as a stop on my Summer Tour!

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