Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Re: Where have you been the last few days?

Thanks for everyone's concern! The Tao of Pauly had been down the last few days due to temporary insanity from the author and webmaster.

I found inspiration from Sigge from Norway.

Here's what Sigge wrote in a recent blog on his website: "Inspired by my good friend in NY, Paul from the TAO of Pauly, mine fingers typed like possessed on the keyboard of my Remtor 1050 typewriter..."

Sigge also wrote me this e-mail today:

"I've begun on a new script, where I, forgive me for not asking in advance,
use your character as a mainfigure.
He is however, as unlike you it is
possible to be. If it's possible(?) :) He lives in NYC and is continually
confronted with memories from another life, or is he really just a schizo?
Not even I can tell, but the story evolves with passion. The script about
Finn, the little boy sent out in the world to find righteousness, is almost
complete, but I'm facing the fact that I may be forced to write it all over
again in order to make it authentic...

You might think I'm an idiot. And you're right. You might think I'm a
wannabe. And you're right. You might think I'm never going to get anything
released during my short life. And you're probably right. But, like Nietszche,
we've always got the post-mortem concept. Even though it's not a concept,
it's a fact. Or not."

Needless to say, the recent news of my inspiration overseas has since pulled me out the the deeper doldrums of my depressive funk. I wonder if my dark humor and sarcastic wit will translate well into Norwegian!!

Takk skal du ha, Sigge, for inspirerende meg! Ha det godt!

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