Friday, January 03, 2003

Stephen A. sent me this very kind e-mail:
Dear Paul, I liked your new years e-mail. Yes, as we look back at the trail of days and falling hair, expanding waistlines (mine) and our hopes dreams and aspirations of 2002, I come to reflect upon the people in my life; and how the support, love and meaningfulness these people bring to my life and, you Paul, are most assuredly one of them and I am deeply grateful for your support throughout the year. I hope if you have a pretty girl in your arms and a happy thought in your heart on this New Year's Eve. For the E-stories, the jokes and many emails, I thank you. I hope for the members of the McGrupp group, prolific writings, good fortune and peace. To us all I wish for peace love and more peace. Happy New Year Paul, and if I win the lottery, are you sure 50k will be enough?? Happy New Year, Peace.... Noonan

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