Saturday, January 11, 2003

Jessica sent me this link: The Detroit Project. Take a peek.

And when you are there take a look at this article: TV Ads Link SUVs to Terrorists.

A-men! I am sick of seeing these anti-marijuana ads on TV that tell me that potheads are supporting terrorists. Come on! It's refreshing to see someone turn the tables back on these yuppies shitheads driving gas-guzzling SUVs! If we did not overconsume gas, then we as Americans would have more leverage in Middle East politics... because with the dire need to rely upon Saudi Arabia and friends for oil (the black gooey "crack"), they are able to wield some power over us. If we didn't need their oil, we could do whatever we wanted to Iraq, we could give Israel more money to combat their enemies and further promote democracy in that region of the world, and more importantly, we can finally go into Saudi Arbia and Egypt, kick down some doors, and drag out and kill some of these fundamentalist Islamic yahoos who are preaching anti-American sentiment to all their followers. But alas, we are unable to do whatever we want because materialistic retards living in the burbs feel the need to drive everywhere and purchase gas guzzling monsters!

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