Friday, January 03, 2003

Tom Hanks, Phish-head? Tam Hanks, Phishy Hoax? Check out the article... I couldn't tell if it was him or not. One friend suggested it was Tom Marshall the lyricist for Phish. Well they had everyone fooled... and it was actually Page's brother! Even I mistakenly reported the Tom Hanks NYE sighting.

Here's a bit: "Everyone from the New York Times to the Associated Press to MTV seems to have fallen for a little gag Phish played on its audience the other night during its big New Year's Eve concert at Madison Square Garden.

Early in the evening, to introduce the song "Wilson," the ever-popular jam band played a clip from "Cast Away," in which Hanks was shown enjoying a meaningful relationship with his pet volleyball, Wilson. Then a Hanks look-alike, clad in a dark jacket and a dark baseball cap, was summoned to the stage and waved to the audience, before being rushed backstage.

"A band known for its New Year's Eve showmanship didn't disappoint: Tom Hanks made a surprise stage appearance," gushed the AP.

MTV hailed the band for getting "actor Hanks himself to run onstage and blurt one of the key lyrics."

And even the Times, paper of record, reported that "Mr. Hanks himself made a brief, bizarre appearance onstage."

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