Friday, March 11, 2005

Early Morning IMs

Here are some excerpts from conversations I had this morning while playing cards on Party Poker:
AlCantHang: perfect combination of "look at my cans" and "I'm a retard"
AlCantHang: (check out this link) JessicaSimpson pic
Pauly: Jessica Simpson makes the list..
Pauly: "Top 10 Chicks Id like to doink..
Pauly: but never talk to afterwards" category
AlCantHang: talk? the only talking i like is telling her to grab a towel or i'm gonna use the curtains

BG: hmm... lunch choices, i could go out
BG: or
BG: the cafeteria has taco bar today
Pauly: wendys
BG: tell AlCantHang "i heard you had a meat roll in your mouth last night"

Briana: im depressed
Pauly: what's wrong buttercup? break a nail?
Briana: two but thats not why fuckface
Pauly: are u gonna tell me or
Pauly: do i have to beat it outta ya
Pauly: IKE TURNER style and all
Briana: keep making jokes funnyman
Briana: otherwise i revoke your muffdiving license
It's a wonder I actually won money this morning, with all these welcomed distractions!

The best news of the day... AlCantHang booked us a suite in Las Vegas for the next blogger event in June! Oh man... Derek, Me, the Hangs... and Iggy passed out in our bathtub. Can't wait for June. Alas, I leave for my March Vegas trip in 12 or 13 days...

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