Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Frigid Wednesday

I'm trying to think warm thoughts. It's not working. If I knew it was going to be this cold... I would have waited until this week to go to Miami!

I have been busy doing a lot of random stuff this past week. I have been watching as much college basketball as I can, in order to scout out teams that I think will make the Sweet 16. Damn, March Madness is starting in less than eight days. It couldn't come sooner. I am a college hoops junkie.

I completed five freelance articles in the last week out of the ten or so that I was contracted to work on for the month of March. Damn, I cranked out five in less than nine days. I think that's somewhat impressive. I also expect to have a sixth one completed by Saturday. Make sure you check out the player profile on Amarillo Slim that I wrote. It's one of my favorite pieces that I have submitted to date. Plus, Amarillo Slim is one whacked out character! Take a look for yourself.

I completed a short story for the next issue of Truckin'. It feels so good not to have to write three stories a month! I've been lucky. I actually have writers wanting to submit their work which frees me up to spend more time trying to get the word out about Truckin'. I am also excited for a upcoming adventure to Las Vegas with Senor since that place seems to inspire me as much as any city in the world. Plus, there's not a better background to set stories than in Las Vegas. Man... I can't wait to go. Senor and I are going to raise hell.

I've been playing a lot more poker tournaments online in the past week. I came in 11th in one and missed the final table by one spot! I also took 27th out of 70 in one on Monday night. Yesterday afternoon I came in 29th out of 170 playing in a Million Dollar Qualifier satellite on Party Poker. I blew it too. I was in 10th place at one point and played perfect poker for two hours when I blew it on a bonehead move. Oh well. There's a big blogger tournament coming up on Sunday. That's always fun.

Two close friends of mine recently finished reading my latest novel... Gumbo. I always feel a little weird when I have "the conversation" with a reader, especially someone who I am very close to. My novels are very revealing and I let loose a lot of intimate details. Anyway, both friends loved it... and I know that they are being kind. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want my friends to read my work... but there's a part of me that only wants technical feedback... a spelling error here or syntax error there... for example. Sometimes I feel that I shouldn't have to say anything about my work. Everything I wanted to say is on the pages.

That's it for now. I have to go write some more before Briana buys me lunch.

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