Sunday, March 13, 2005

Required Reading & Sunday Morning Link Dump

Here's a cool pic of some place I know I'll never get to see with my own two eyes.

This is scary, since kidnapping is one of the biggest crimes in Latin, Central, and South America. Fear Drives Rivera to Move Family is a compelling read about NY Yankees closer Mo Rivera's decision to reloacte his loved ones after his $10 Million yearly salary was recently published in the newspapers.

Top Celebrities You Don't Wanna Be Told You Look Like... is from Ari Goes Down. Thanks to Briana for the heads up on this old, but hilarious post.

New Fantastic Four Pictures Released... made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. How yummy is Jessica Alba? Speaking of... Jessica Alba.

Thanks to Sarah B. who sent me this hilarious Craig's List ad... Seriously? You are getting married? I hadn't heard.

And since we're on Craig's List, how about this gem... Jesus wants you to fuck me.

Back to the War on Terror... did you know that Al Qaeda wanted to kidnap Russelll Crowe in an attempt to destablized the West! What were the gonna do... force him to make a sequel to The Quick and the Dead staring Sharon Stone of course.

Thanks to Jenna for this letter to Go Ask Alice... My boyfriend urinated in me while having sex. Oooops. Well fuck, I have to post the entire question, because it just too damn funny:
My boyfriend urinated in me while having sex. He has done it twice now in the past week. Both times we had woken up in the middle of the night to have sex. He said I was the one who urinated. But the second time this occurred, he pulled out for a brief moment and urinated on me even more (so I know that it was him). It was not a whole lot, but enough to get the sheets fairly wet. I am concerned because he says he would have felt it and he would have stopped if it was him. This is causing embarrassing and extremely uncomfortable situations for us. I am now afraid to have sex with him because if it happens again, it will cause a fight between us because he believes it's me, but I know it is him. I cannot urinate inside myself. Does he have a problem, is this going to be a continuous thing, and what can I do to help prevent it, if at all possible?

Help us, please!
Oh my, I can go so many places with this nugget, but I'll just let it stand on its own. Alas, sweetie... if he pisses in you again... shit on his chest.

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