Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Pauly-Boy Genius IM Excerpt of the Day

To set the scene, I'm in NYC listening to a Phish bootleg and playing poker online at Party Poker. BG is in his cubicle at work in Michigan.
BG: can you use the word "cute" to describe hilary swank?
BG: al cant hang and i are disagreeing
Pauly: shes spunky
BG: but can you say "cute"
BG: rachel bilson = cute
BG: carmen electra = sexy, but not cute
BG: i think swank is not someone you could call cute
Pauly: chad lowe, now he's cute
BG: heh heh
BG: he's pretty
BG: big difference
Pauly: lol he's pretteir than hillary
Pauly: you know she wears the strap on
BG: but yeah
BG: i'm surprised they've lasted this long
BG: shouldn't she be dating someone more important?
BG: a bigger star?
BG: like corey feldman or jerry o'connell?
Pauly: ellen?
BG: ellen is dating portia di rossi
BG: do you think on "that team" you get a bunch of women around a campfire debating "ellen or rosie?"
BG: and who takes the rosie side?
BG: lumberjacks?
BG: er
BG: lumberjanes?
You may return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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