Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday's 4:20am Link Dump

Slick Willy is out of surgery. He'll be up popping Viagra and eating donuts in no time! If I could put together a shortlist of people I'd eat donuts with... shit, let's have a quick List of 5...

Top 5 People I'd Go Donut-Store Hopping With...
1. AlCantHang
2. Homer Simpson
3. Bill Clinton
4. Don Koharski
5. John Goodman

Cause you know, John Goodman likes a good donut. And bonus points to anyone who picks up on the Koharski reference.

How about some semen-related humor in honor of Bill Clinton and donuts? Idaho teen sends other student semen frosted brownies. Nice. Is that the Couer D'Alene Special Sauce I've been hearing about?

And some poor dad got busted by The Man for helping his little buttercup sell Girl Scout cookies. What has the world come to? We have members of Al Qaeda living among us and rings of thugish organ thieves prowling our streets and the federalies are busting Girl Scouts.

Ok enough cum and donut jokes. Here's some Thomas Friedman to balance things out. Tea Party in Beirut is a must read for you politico junkies.

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