Friday, March 11, 2005

Young Christo

Alex from Prom on Mars has a new comic... Young Christo. Check it out! Here's what the PR release said:
The new webcomic "Young Christo" makes it debut this week at "Young Christo" takes a humorous look at the early years of an artistic genius that no one understands.

"He's all about art...and frustration," says Alex Bernstein, creator of the webcomic. "You see it right in the first strip. He starts out as just sort of a normal kid and then - BAM - he has an artistic vision of the world and there's no turning back, for better or worse. It's kind of sad, but also pretty an excruciatingly painful way."

Of course the big question is, is "Young Christo" based on the real-life Christo?

"The strip and character were certainly inspired by the blinding, unwavering passion of the real Christo," say Bernstein. "And there are a few references. But essentially he's every misunderstood, young artist who puts their heart into their work and gets a lot of grief and little or no reward for their efforts. It could just as easily have been Young Vincent Van Gogh."

And Young Christo certainly experiences his share of grief. Just four strips into the run he lands in jail for artistically toilet-papering a neighbor's house, a comedic play on the "real" Christo's projects involving wrapping famous buildings.

Are The Gates next?

"Young Christo" is the third long-running webcomic by Bernstein, following "Prom on Mars" a retro-future space opera, which ended it's two-year run in October, 2004 and "Total Losers" which continues to run alongside "Young Christo" at

Fans can find "Young Christo" at or

For more information, please contact
Good luck, Alex!

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