Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Pieces of Pauly: A Photo Essay

So what did I eat in Las Vegas?

My "medium-well" dinner at Palm

Yummy dessert at Palm

Penne Arribgata at Ferrara's

My dessert at Ferrara's

The Poker Prof's sorbet

Lunch at Excalibur

Derek's favorite

That concludes this random photo essay of Pieces of Pauly. Hope that Modeski and Jerry had fun with this. How about random Vegas pics?

Vegas Photo Dump

The Bellagio's Water Show

What Grubby sees everyday...

This is the only place in Las Vegas where I am up for my career!

In the Luxor

More Luxor

The view from our room

In Cesear's Palace

I love these signs posted all over casinos...

Just a quick reminder... see everyone on Poker Stars tonight at 9pm EST for the next event on the WPBT!

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