Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Indy > Cincy > Indy

I bought a plane ticket on Northworst Airlines to go to Indiana in May. The airfare was serious cheap as hell (but you do get what you pay for) and I found a rare direct flight from NYC to Indianapolis. The plan is to have Daddy show me a little Hoosier hospitality and get rip roaring wasted to the tits in Southern Indiana (possibly one of those smokey back room poker games in the local pub). The next day, Saturday, we drive to Cincinnati and take in the Reds-Dodgers baseball game that early afternoon. I have never seen the old Reds stadium, let alone the new one.

Later that night, Trey Anastasio Band plays a show downtown. That should be intense, my first Trey show of 2005. Getting pumped. Lori from Kentucky will be there at the show and she reminded me that it's also the Kentucky Derby! Perhaps I can get a bet or two in at a local track.

Then that Sunday, it's Iggy's birthday. Yes, I'll be in the Blogfather's hometown for his birthday. We're gonna try to get him to have a poker game. (Hint to you, Iggy, if you are reading this!)

Monday morning, we wake up hungover, disheveled, and drive back to Indiana so I can hop my flight to NYC. A roadtrip with Daddy to visit the Blogfather! To quote him, "Sickness." 24 days and counting.

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