Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday Morning Link Dump: Phil Lesh, Phone Sex, TPS Reports, and Paris Dumps Nicole

Let's start off with a Thomas Friedman article called Sizzle, Yes, but Beef, Too where he hints that the U.S. Democratic Party could learn a lot from England's Prime Minister Tony Blair.

15% of all cellphone users interrupt sex to take the call. I thought it would have been higher. In my life, only once did I stop intercourse to answer the phone. This was a few years ago when Senor was overseas. I was expecting a big phone call from him and stopped what I was doing to take his call. At that time, getting a call from Senor was rare... it was like getting a call from The Pope. You dropped everything you did and took his call. I won't mention the name of the unlucky gal who had to endure the 15 minute conversation from Senor who was in Bangkok at the time. I think she might still read my blog!

Dead Bassist Recounts the Surreal Musicality of a Long, Strange Trip is a review of Phil Lesh's new book Searching for the Sound and appeared in the Village Voice.

Office Space Reunion is an interesting bit. There's plenty of Q&As with actors from that flick. Here's a bit:
I think it hit the soft underbelly of America. Office Space is set in cubicles, and the American workplace is made up of cubicles. I did temp work when I lived in New York, and it’s soulless...
Man, that's one of my favroite flicks.

It's official if it's in an ABC news blurb.... Paris Hilton Breaks Up with Nicole Ritchie. Oh well.

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