Sunday, April 24, 2005

Poker Player Newspaper Joins Fox Sports

This might seem like a pointless article to you... Poker Player Newspaper Joins Fox Sports. But for me... it's huge. Fox Sports recently went live with their Poker Section and Poker Player Newspaper will be supplying various news and strategy articles for them.

What that means is this... when the World Series of Poker starts in 5 weeks, Fox Sports will most likely be publishing my articles. Yes, I'm moving to Vegas to cover the World Series in June for Poker Player Newspaper and and if all goes right, some of my work will be posted up online at Fox Sports.

I'm still in shock... just a little bit.

The Poker Prof told me the great news last week. We both agreed that the exposure for Poker Player Newspaper will benefit all of us and how that can eventually trickles down to me, my poker blog, and maybe even some traffic will spill over to this blog. I knew that the upcoming Vegas gig is a shot at getting my name out there and have a chance to prove that I'm one of the best writers in America without a book deal. Having Fox Sports step into the picture gives me a better opportunity to reach a wider audience and make some solid contacts. Stay tuned for more details.

Before I go, I have to give a huge thanks to my old college roommate, Dave (aka Skippy and The Daily Dave). He first got me into blgging and encouraged me to use blogs as a forum for me to write. Without his suggestion, none of this would have been possibly. Thanks dude!

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