Thursday, April 21, 2005

Pauly-BG Conversation of the Week

Pauly is in NYC. BG is in Michigan. This was the conversation we had a few minutes ago. The topic... Women of The OC.
Pauly: I think Summer would be better to take to Hawaii with me, and Marissa is the chick you take to Vegas on a wicked bender....
BG: agreed
BG: actually, marissa is the girl you have stand on the ladder in the middle of your cornfield to drive crows from your crops
Pauly: and julie cooper is the chick u meet in room 112 at the super 8 near the airport
Pauly: with a bottle of $4.99 merlot and an fistful of condoms
BG: i'm not sure where mischa barton's career goes in five years
BG: those hips are just so wide that someday she's going to grow into her ass and it'll be all over
BG: she'll be doing vioxx commercials before she's 30
Pauly: or she'll be in a really bad sitcom with steve zahn
BG: and you're right about the sitcom - why does steve zahn keep getting work? he has pictures of sherry lansing doing something foul with the cast of Family Matters or something

BG: kristin or julie cooper?
Pauly: well
BG: they've been making kristin look really tired lately... she's still my choice over julie though
Pauly: kirstin is my type.... shes the "wife"
Pauly: shes a suite at the bellagio kinda of gal
Pauly: julie cooper is the girl u nail in the bathroom at a truck stop in tallahasse
BG: point taken
BG: anna from season one or alex from season two?
Pauly: anna is the girl u lay in bed with a read the sunday times while listning to a scratchy recording of john coltrane...
Pauly: while alex is the girl u nail in the bathroom at a truck stop in tallahasse
BG: heh heh heh
Pauly: sorry, i couldnt resist....
Pauly: ...while alex is the girl u snort a biker rail of blow with then nail in the bathroom at a dive bar in the east village
BG: no, alex is the one you want on your arm to accessorize your brand new rolex
BG: that girl is ridiculously beautiful
BG: just ludicrous
See you next week with another installment.

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