Friday, April 29, 2005

Will The Simpsons Ever Age?

Take a peek at this article from the NY Times called Will The Simpsons Ever Age? as they reach their 350th episode. Here's a bit:
In that marathon the viewer would learn that life on a street called Evergreen Terrace never really changes, that Bart, Lisa and Maggie, along with their creator, Matt Groening, will not grow up, and that the Simpsons, once viewed as the shock troops of cultural mortification, are a shining exemplar of family stability in the come and go world of television.

And even though some of its most ferocious fans suggest that it ran out of gas some time ago, the show remains in high gear, with 20 writers working on next year's season, searching for yet another joke that has yet to be told on "The Simpsons." An animated sitcom that seemed to lose some of its bite as it grew long in the tooth has been back in the news, with an episode on gay marriage earlier this year and later this season, a satirical, some would say sacrilegious, episode about the Simpsons' dalliance with Catholicism and another about the apocalypse. "The Simpsons," which had become as familiar as a pair of Homer's roomy trousers, has found a way to get its finger back in the eyes of viewers.
Man, I recall seeing the first mini cartoons that appeared on The Tracy Ullman Show. Those were weird and raw. The show has evolved over the years and it still great TV. I used to be a die-hard Simpys fan and I love all that random op-culture references.

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