Thursday, April 21, 2005

Thursday Link Dump: Kate Beckinboobs, CIA & LSD, Spitting on Fondas, and Hipsters and Poker

How about a Thomas Friedman op/ed article to start off with? This one is called Rooting for the Good Guys.

50 Things That Will Get You Fired
... is for all my readers out there who hate thier jobs.

I love this one. Eat Spit Hanoi Jane is exactly about what the title suggests.

This is the Kate Beckinsale pic of the day.

File this one under: I wanna part with that girl! Man oh man. 15 year-old throws wicked party and trashes parents house.

Man sues CIA for dosing him with LSD... is a spooky read. Here's a bit:
A federal judge has tentatively ordered dismissal of a $12 million lawsuit against the U.S. government, filed by a former deputy marshal who said he was unknowingly drugged with LSD as part of a CIA mind-control program before trying to hold up a San Francisco bar nearly a half century ago.
I heard that the goverment issued shit was out of this world.

Columbia Students on Strike is written by Tom Robbins and appears in the Village Voice.

Lastly, Poker has fallen into hispter hands. Here is proof in one of the latest posts on Defamer.

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