Monday, April 04, 2005

Pauly-Boy Genius IM Excerpt of the Week

Boy Genius is sitting in his cubicle in Michigan sipping coffee. I am writing poker player profile for a freelance assignment. Here you go:
Boy Genius: i'm currently looking at maps of fremont street in vegas rueing the fact that i'm not in vegas right now
Pauly: 60 days or so we'll be in vegas
Boy Genius: might be a touch less than that even
Boy Genius: nope 60 on the nose
Pauly: pope's dead and we're going to vegas
Boy Genius: i'll be well equipped for fun
Boy Genius: whoo hoo!
Boy Genius: i hope they elect a Pope Pius
Boy Genius: it's been too long
Pauly: or a Pope Otis
Boy Genius: which blogger would make the best pope?
Pauly: Pope Glyphic
Pauly: Pope Derek
Pauly: Pope Cant Hang
Boy Genius: i'm thinking g-rob is tall enough to really look impressive in the tall pointy hats
Pauly: Pope Pauly
Boy Genius: can he fit in the pope-mobile's dome?
Boy Genius: with the hat, naturally
Pauly: I'd legalize marijuana and birth control
Boy Genius: popes don't have that sort of power
Boy Genius: not the former, at least
Pauly: you'd make a good cardinal, but frankly, i don't see u as pope material
You can go back to work now.

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